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 - Shaun D. (Founder / Owner) 

"We were born to feed your adventurous side."




Share our passion for vintage, classic and modern two-wheeled machines with others by providing certified, safe and reliable rental equipment to those looking to have a fun, cool, thrilling and adventurous experience outdoor as a solo or group activity that will leave a huge smile on their face.  



The journey started back in December of 2019 with the purchase of three Vespa scooters to use supporting the distributing of food and feeding to those on the street in need as part of our church and community outreach. At the same time, I noticed people keep commenting on the Vepsa's, "That is pretty cool and looks fun. Where can I get one?". The look their face was the same look on the face of those we serve food to .... pure joy and happiness.  

During COVID-19, Long Beach got hit hard like most places but it also became a place for people to escape the isolation while maintaining their social distancing from others. As it so often happens to be, I could be found riding around Long Beach on a Vintage 1978 Hobbit Moped that I restored during the lock-down. While riding around at the Bluff Park, some people at the park flagged me down so they can approach me. I decided to pull over and see what they wanted to talk about. As they approached I saw the same look on their faces that I have seen on others faces with food and Vespa's ... joy and excitement. 

With businesses closed, people are venturing outside to enjoy the good weather while looking for things to do. People are trying to escape from the mental and physical exhaustion of 2020. They are just looking for a break and we want to help. 

That day after having many people asking about the Mopeds and Vespas that I ride around, I decided to share the love and experience with others. There is so much to be grateful for and a lot to experience in Long Beach. The Vepsas and Vintage Mopeds just adds a fun, adventurous twist giving you cool way to explore Long Beach and stay safe while doing it.




Our team starts with the leadership and works its way down and at the top we value 

  • Love, Honor, & Respect Others

  • Reliability & Accountability

  • Leadership 

  • Do the Work

  • Do It Right the First Time

  • Passion for Life


Our Team Members

  • Friendly & Passionate Professionals

  • Knowledgeable in Equipment

  • Certified Mechanics / Technician



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