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Deliver an experience for your customers that will drive them to burst out with joy and excitement from their time spent with you. Let us help you look like a seasoned concierge while taking some of the load by helping you create moments for your customers that is what drives your customers experience over the top. In turn you will have them promoting their experience with you with a little more cash in your pockets.

  • Upselling with minimal effort

  • Increase booking revenues by 20-50%

  • Grow repeat business

  • Report Higher Customer Satisfaction  

  • Promotes customers leaving better reviews

  • Develop positive word of mouth

  • LB Scooters preforms all the work

Here at LB Scooters, we like to offer our amazingly cool rentals to people who are looking to have an adventurous, nostalgic experience or just simply want to get around. To support this effort, we are offering an affiliate program that will help us share the experience with as many people as possible while compensating those who are promoting and booking rentals.  

  • Experienced Customer Service Professionals

  • Vehicle Drop-offs & Pickup

  • Roadside Assistance team on standby

  • Inventory managed by certified mechanics

  • Rental equipment under LB Scooters Insurance Policy

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