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Select your Experience

Meet Requirements

Before you select your ride, it is import to make sure you meet the requirements for the vehicle you want to experience. **Bookings that do not met the vehicle requirements will be rejected.

  1. Age Limit

  2. License Type

Plan Your Experience

  1. Vehicle

  2. Accessories

  3. Guided / Self-Guided Tours

  4. Professional Photos

  5. Experience Booklet


Check for Availability

Book the vehicle and experiences you want to have. Our customers schedules fluctuate which will create openings in out rental schedule. If you can't find your vehicle, then reach out to us or check availability at different time. 


Helmet, Parking, & Driving Laws

All helmet laws, parking laws and driving laws will be covered at the time of pickup. The driver/s and passenger are responsible for following the law and held responsible. 

  1. Helmet Law is to wear the helmet at ALL TIME

  2. Parking done correctly prevents tickets, fines, damage and theft

  3. Driving Laws are the same as driving a car on the road, plus more.

Vehicle Walkthrough

We walk you through the vehicle to cover the different operating components of the vehicle.

  1. Vehicle: Starter, Brakes, Throttle, Mirrors, Switches, Gas Tank, etc.

  2. Parking: Getting ON/OFF, Vehicle ON/OFF the Stand, Lock/Unlock, etc.


Our rules are in place to keep the rider, passengers and the pedestrians safe. Violating the rules will result in the cancelation of the rental. 


Just like cars have certain restrictions on the road, so do our vehicles. Violating the restrictions will result in the cancelation of the rental. 

Drivers Training

MANDATORY TRAINING (15-30 Minutes / per Driver)

We conduct MANDATORY training for those using a valid drivers license to drive our vehicles (M1 & M2 LICENSE EXEMPT). You must complete each step and phase to move onto the next until you have passed everything. If you are not able to pass the training, then we will cancel the rental for your own safety.   

Phase 1

  1. Explain the levers, switches, throttle and braking.

  2. Rider ON/OFF

  3. Getting vehicle ON/OFF stand

  4. Learn to Lock/Unlock

  5. 3-Point Turn (Engine Off)

  6. U-Turn (Engine Off)

Phase 2

  1. Starting Vehicle

  2. Drive Straight Line

    1. Walking Method ​

    2. Braking / Stopping 

  3. Left Turn

  4. Right Turn

  5. U-Turn

  6. Emergency Stop


Unlimited Miles
Taxes & Fees
Free Refill
Drivers Training
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