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7 Ways to Explore Long Beach Without Having to Use Your Smartphone

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Long Beach is the epicenter of new and exciting attractions. It has always been deemed an iconic city known for the legendary Queen Mary ship docked right in it’s port but it is SO MUCH MORE than that. Not only are there mainstream sights to see, best of all ... there lies many hidden gems ready to be explored by adventurous travelers!

LBC has a laid back beach culture that adds to the diversity which LBC offers. There is a little something for everyone from the art scene mixed with some of the best eateries to local breweries that will surely satiate your palate. You’ll find that Long Beach is incredibly dog friendly as well. With all that LBC as to offer, it is truly so unique and an oasis for traveling solo (or with your furry friend), as a couple or with a group of friends. The city of Long Beach is just so easy to fall in love with. The possibilities await and memories to be made.

1. Queen Mary & Sea Ports

The Historic Queen Mary ocean liner is a site to see. It sits in port in Long Beach waiting to be explored. Not only can you take tours and visit the exhibits, but it has been transformed into a 347 room hotel. Staying onboard is a unique experience in itself! Just want to hop aboard for a quick drink? They offer brunch, bars and both casual and fine dining experiences.

  • Visiting an iconic piece of history

  • Spending an afternoon on the water

  • Haunted Encounters

  • Rock Fishing & watch one of the busiest import/export ports in action

Click for Map Link: Queen Mary, Sea Ports

Get a new perspective of the city by visiting the lighthouse and viewing the vast ocean scenery from above. Want to see what these oceans have below? Step into the beautiful Long Beach Aquarium that’ll transcend you into the depths of the pacific. Enjoy a scenic picnic at Shoreline park and stop to try your hand in some pier or rock fishing!

  • Shops & Restaurants

  • Scenic Picnic

  • Boat Harbor

  • Charter Fishing

  • Pier & Rock Fishing

Click for Map Link: Lighthouse, Aquarium, Shoreline Park

The Bluff often gets overlooked as a place to visit in Long Beach. There are many great things to do in this area, including outdoor yoga, visiting the farmer’s market with local produce, and simply visiting the beach and getting your toes in the sand. You’ll get a great view of the Queen Mary and be able to enjoy water activities.

  • Group Yoga Outside

  • Farmers Market

  • Basketball Court

  • Workout Stations

  • Picnic / BBQ

  • Beach / Sand / Water

  • Lookout point

Click for Map Link: Spot One, Spot 2

4. Naples / Peninsula / Singles Corner / Rosie Dog Beach / Mothers Beach

If you feel like spending time along the water, don’t miss out on these beautiful coastal coves. Take your furry friend along with you and let them explore on the Rosie Dog Beach. Here visiting with a loved one? Make sure to book a romantic boat tour or an adrenaline pumping kite surfing experience. If that’s all a bit much, there's no better place to meet new people or relax with friends.

  • Beach / Sand / Water

  • Dog Beach

  • Kitesurfing Beach

  • Singles Beach

  • Scenic / Picnic / Relaxing

  • Explore

  • Boats / Boat Parade

  • Gondolas Rides

  • Water Activity Rentals

  • Rock Fishing

5. Second Street / 2nd & PCH

Indulge yourself and enjoy the intimate high end fashion boutiques, top notch food, amazing drinks, night life filled with friendly people, and so much more. Second street in Long Beach must not be missed!

  • Fashion Boutiques

  • Gourmet Food / Drinks / Dessert

  • Night Life

  • Boat Dock

  • Farmers Market

  • Local Brewery

Click for Map Link: Second Street, 2nd & PCH

6. 4th Street (Retro Row)

On 4th Street, you’ll find local artisan shops. Go shopping in some amazing vintage and antique stores. Fresh faces line these streets where art, creativity and self expression are endless. Needing to find that special trinket or one of a kind outfit? This is the place to be. When you’ve shopped till you drop, hop into one of the local eateries for a bite to eat.

  • Hipster

  • Vintage Shops

  • Food / Drinks / Dessert

Click for Map Link: 4th Street

7. Art Display / Wall Art Murals

The city of Long Beach has an up and coming art district that is expanding throughout the city. Art murals are all over and new ones are being commissioned each and every day. Plot out your day by driving around to visit and see each mural! The art is truly stunning.

  • Art scavenger hunt

  • See and Share the love on Instagram

Click for Map Link: YOU TELL US! (on Instagram)

Time to explore all that Long Beach has to offer! We’d love for you to come out and visit the city. Our goal is to make your experience in Long Beach as enjoyable as possible by taking care of the heavy lifting. We know that planning out your stay in a new city can be half the battle, so let us help and get you traveling in style at LB Scooters. We thank you for letting us guide your way!


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