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Have an Experience And Feed Your Adventurous Side | LB Scooters

Explore Long Beach

These days, everyone is looking for an adventure to take them outside to experience the real world. LB Scooters was born out of that feeling, bringing an activity that dances on the line of self-expression and adrenaline. Whether you’re looking for a vintage ride to match your unique style or a Vespa to cruise the coast, we can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

And what better city to cruise through than Long Beach! This city brings people from all walks of life together to live in 50 square miles of beach, business, and suburbia. We may be a little biased, but we think that the absolute coolest way to explore The City is on two wheels. So turn the page to see a few of the spots we think you won’t be able to resist once you hit the road.

The Bluffs

Heading right down Cherry Street, you’ll run right into one of Long Beach’s most iconic “parks” – The Bluffs. This green belt hugs Ocean Blvd and is literal steps away from the sand. Picnics and impromptu dance parties take over The Bluffs every day, so be sure to wave kindly to the park-goers as you descend down Cherry Hill (a legendary skate spot, so keep your eyes open!).

At the bottom, your wheels will start to take on sandy gravel where you’ll find a generally open parking lot to take a break and put your toes in the sand. The boardwalk is for non-motorized members, but you can always walk down it for a bit before you drive off to your next destination.

4th Street

4th Street, aka Retro Row, is the heart of Long Beach’s indie shops and restaurants. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you cruise down this stretch, but only because people are trying to figure out where they can rent one of those badass bikes. Feel free to stop and grab a bite at the Social List or Lola’s to fuel up or grab some vinyl from the several record shops on the strip.

Here is where you’ll find many of the murals that Long Beach is famous for. Local artists pour their hearts over brick walls, so take time to find the ones on our list and discover some of your own! One day isn’t enough time to find all of the treasures that 4th Street has to offer, but if you’re lucky enough to be riding on a Fourth Friday then you might get close.

2nd Street

As soon as you get past the first light on 2nd Street, you’ll know you’re coming back here for dinner and drinks later that evening. 2nd Street is the vibrant epicenter of Long Beach nightlife. With plenty of restaurants and enough bars to complete a pub crawl, this location will give you the perfect view of what it’s like to live in Long Beach.

Plus, riding down 2nd Street on a moped will make you feel right at home in this urban city of artists and entrepreneurs. The rush you get from going light-to-light next to lowriders and Tecla's will keep you going until – BAM! – you realize you’re at the end of Long Beach and it’s time to turn around and head back. But that’s just one side of the city…there’s so much more to explore.

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We hope you enjoy your ride as much as we do providing them. The city of Long Beach is one-of-a-kind and if we could only show you a glimpse of how special it is, then we did our job. Now it’s up to you to hit the road and feed your adventurous side.

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